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Science Museum Group

The Science Museum Group is a non-departmental public body of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, consisting of five…

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Bolton Hospice

Bolton Hospice is an independent hospice that provides expert care and support for people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses and…

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Darwin Shopping Centre

As Shrewsbury’s largest shopping centre, Darwin Shopping Centre were looking to make their venue more inclusive and accessible to all…

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Dr Kershaw’s Hospice

Dr Kershaw’s Hospice is an independent hospice that provides specialist palliative care for adults with non-curable, life-limiting illnesses in a…

Case-study Icon Innova profiling care beds custom designed for personalised care at Spire Leeds Hospital

Spire Leeds Hospital

Spire Hospital is one of Yorkshire’s largest private hospitals. It is important that the beds supported high-quality care for a wide range of patients.

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Chase Farm Hospital

Chase Farm Hospital has just celebrated being ranked one of the most “digitally advanced” hospitals in the UK! Thanks to our hoist systems